Ruggedized control systems for harsh environments


New product

For many years, APEM has been developing ruggedized control systems for very harsh environments. These products combine critical electronic and software design expertise along with our core knowledge of milling, printing and discrete switch integration.
They can integrate switches and switch guards.
Typically, they are custom products suitable for small and medium production runs.
Our technologies are proven, used for more than 30 years for some of them. APEM is a major supplier of defense control systems in Europe.



  1. Defense
  2. Aerospace



  1. High mechanical resistance to shocks, acceleration and vibrations
  2. Uniform backlighting thanks to individual steering and calibration
  3. Complete EMC shielding
  4. Adapted ergonomics for user comfort (finger locations, markings, tactile feedback)
  5. Small and medium production runs, long-term durability
  6. Proven technology, French design and production

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