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New product

The P200 Series is a miniature trackball with a panel mount design and USB 2.0 protocol option. The 2.00" diameter ball is available in black or backlit illumination.   

Main features

  • 2.00" ball diameter in black or backlit illumination
  • Panel mount design 
  • USB 2.0 protocol option available 
  • Additional button strips with 2 and 3 pushbuttons


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Allgemeine Spezifikation

• LED backlighting: Red, Blue, Green or
Clear through a translucent Thermostat
resin ball
• Additional pushbutton switch: Two, three or
four* buttons (* USB only) – see Button Strips
• Connector cables
• Conformally coated PCB


• Operating Temperature: -40ºC to +85ºC (-40ºF to +185ºF)

Elektronische Spezifikationen

• USB: Input: 4.00V – 5.25V @ 25mA max
(+30mA for backlit illumination option)
Output: USB 1.1
• PS/2 (2/3BTN PS/2): Input: 5.00V @ 25mA max
(+30mA for backlit illumination option)
Output: CMOS/TTL
• Microsoft Serial*:Input:DTR/RTS @ 14 mA max
(+30mA for backlit illumination option)
Output: RS-232, Serial
• Quadrature: Input: 5.00V @ 30mA max
(+30mA for backlit illumination option)
Output: Quadrature Waveforms
• Sun Workstation: Input: 5.00V @ 30mA max
(Mouse Systems Serial) (+30mA for backlit


Translucent Thermostat resin ball

Mechanisch Spezifikationen

• Ball Diameter: 2.00" (50.80mm)
• Ball Rotation: Continuous in all directions
• Tracking Force: 10g (0.35oz)
• Weight: 257.5g (9.07oz)
• Life Cycle (ball rotations): 5 million

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