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USB Desktop Control Products

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RS Desktop APEM

Entry-level USB desktop controllers

Delivering superior control for PTZ cameras and supporting standard USB "plug-and-play" connectivity, the new RS Desktop USB joystick offers the latest generation Hall effect positioning sensor, three axis of control and 12 bit resolution. The RS Desktop is an ideal choice for professional surveillance monitoring applications.

IP Desktop APEM

Professional USB desktop controllers

The network surveillance industry's #1 selling USB joystick, the IP Desktop features a two button, three axis Hall effect joystick, 10 tactile pushbuttons and USB 1.1 interface. Recommended and used by the most innovative companies in network surveillance, the IP Desktop has become the industry standard for security professionals.

VM Desktop APEM

USB desktop joystick for video management

The VM Desktop provides advanced features such as a 3 axis Hall effect joystick, jog/shuttle dial, 27 user-defined pushbuttons and USB 1.1 interface for powerful control of video surveillance, recording and video management functions. The VM Desktop is designed for critical security installations including airport, casinos, transit stations and stadiums.


Premium USB desktop joysticks

The IP Desktop Ultima features a premium soft touch blue coating, 10 vibrant high efficiency LED pushbuttons as well as a precision two button three axis Hall effect joystick. Featuring USB 1.1 HID compliant interface, the IP Desktop Ultima brings sophistication and comfort to PTZ network camera control.


Resistive USB desktop joysticks

The IP Desktop Launch features ten programmable pushbuttons, a three axis resistive joystick and is an economical option for security professionals. Easy to operate and install with a USB interface, the IP Desktop Launch is a joystick solution for any size security installation.

MJ - FJ Desktop APEM

Customizable USB desktop joysticks

MJ and FJ Desktop joysticks are ideal for PC applications requiring accurate multi-axis fingertip positioning control. Built to your specifications, these USB desktop joysticks are available with several button configurations as well as a resistive or Hall effect joysticks. The MJ and FJ Desktop Joysticks are available in black or gray and with optional rotary trims and spring release tabs.

R Series APEM

Removable trackballs

R-Series Introducing CH Products' next generation of cursor control device, the R-Series trackball. Featuring a removable bezel which allows for regular maintenance and cleaning, R-Series trackballs are ideal for applications susceptible to light dust and moisture. The R-Series trackball is available in two sizes with optional features including backlit illumination, pushbutton strips as well as a conformally coated PCB

LP Series / P Series APEM

Panel mount trackballs

LP and P Series The LP and P-Series trackballs are designed for panel mount applications requiring a responsive and accurate pointing device. Constructed with stainless steel shafts and bearings and high-end optical encoders, LP and P-Series trackballs are ideally suited for kiosks and medical imaging systems. Available in three sizes, optional features include backlit illumination, pushbutton strips as well as choice of protocol.


Desktop trackballs

The DT225 trackballs are designed for desktop applications requiring an ergonomic, space friendly pointing device. Available in either black or grey, the DT225 is available in USB, PS/2, and Serial. Widely used applications include graphic design, CAD/CAM workstations as well as PC gaming.