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1KS/1KBS/1KCS caps

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Square caps with extra tactile feel

Distinctive features

Standard colors:

1KS solid colors: blue, green, grey, yellow, white, red and black

1KS/1KBS/1KCS transparent colors: transparent cap with a frosted white lid.

Temperature range:

Solid cap: -40/+65oC

Transparent cap: -40/+85oC

Transparent 1KS and 1KBS/1KCS caps consist of a transparent lid and a diffuser lens. It is possible to make your own customized legend by placing a foil between the lid and the lens. 

1KS/1KBS/1KCS cap series can be complimented with a 2K bezel.

2K standard colors: grey, white, red and black.

All three caps are mounted on Multimec 5G series switches

See more information in the brochure.

Typical Applications


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