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Single Axis Joysticks

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Hall effect Paddle Control

The BH Series paddle control is the latest generation in high precision controllers, combining the features of a non-contact, single axis joystick with a smooth responsiveness at your fingertips. Hall effect technology ensures a long, trouble-free life for analog and switch outputs. This all new design with its innovative mechanism is ergonomically styled for ease of use and is available in five trim colors.

SN Series APEM

Single axis friction lock joystick controller

The SN Series is a precision T Bar fader controller. Contactless hall effect technology, using the latest generation sensor, results in reliable, noise-free operation. A smooth consistent feel is achieved by utilizing steel ball races and PTFE bearing surfaces. The SN Series is available with analog linear voltage or PWM outputs, having a range of factory configured gain settings. Magnetic shielding ensures the SN Series is not adversely affected by other magnetic devices that are typically positioned close to it, such as reed switches. The mechanical design is complemented by two aluminum handle options in ‘Barrel’ and ‘Bullet’ styles.

TH Series APEM

Heavy duty Hall effect throttle controls

The TH Series single axis throttles are a heavy duty friction clutch joystick delivering proportional control. Designed for prolonged use and durable enough to withstand rough operation, commonly used applications include material handling and mobile equipment. The TH single axis throttle utilizes non-contacting Hall effect technology. Configuration options include mechanical detents and electronic microswitches.

BF Series APEM

Single axis paddle controllers

The BF Series Paddle is the very latest generation in high precision contactless controls. It combines the features of a contactless single axis joystick and a switch, in one controller. Long trouble-free life is assured with the latest Hall effect technology, providing a range of analog, switched or custom PWM output options. The all new design with its innovative mechanism and ergonomic styling is specifically designed for robustness, strength and performance.