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Pushbutton Switches

4 products found


Miniature momentary pushbutton switches - metal bushing

Single pole double throw pushbutton switches with solder lug or straight PC terminals, gold or silver plated contacts. Ø4,83mm threaded bushing, momentary contacts.


Washable snap-action push button switches

Washable snap-action pushbutton switches with silver or gold plated contacts. Single or double pole. Panel or PC mount, rated up to 1 amp, UL models available.


Tiny washable momentary pushbutton switches

Tiny washable momentary pushbutton switches available in single pole and double pole with gold or silver plated contacts and terminals. Process sealed with epoxy sealed terminals, o-ring sealed actuator angle, single piece housing. Available with numerous options. Same PCB layout as TL (toggle), TR (rocker) and TG (slide) series.


Mains pushbutton switches - 6000V dielectric strength

Printed circuit mount, latch down mechanism pushbuttons with highest dielectric 6KV rating and long life cycles. Double pole configuration, case and cover is polyester UL-VO. 8mm total plunger travel.