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9000 Series

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Proportional contactless industrial joysticks

Distinctive features

The 9000 Series is ideal for those applications that demand proportional control with the lowest possible profile below the panel. Developed from the proven 7000 Series, the 9000 Series employs the same, highly proven, contactless, inductive sensing and circuitry. The mechanics have been radically improved to reduce the below-panel depth to a world class 35mm sub-panel or 31mm drop-through. This joystick offers self-centering, omni-directional functionality, and utilizes the exclusive ‘locking cam’ system to rigidly secure the highly repeatable mechanism around the precision ground steel operating shaft. High precision air wound coils are mounted directly onto the SMT circuitry, delivering enviable accuracy whilst further minimizing the installed depth of the joystick.

Key Features

  • Progressive switching
  • One or two axis
  • Signal mixing options
  • 5 - 15V operation
  • Optional "at center" and "internal fault" detection
  • Dual redundant outputs
  • Infinite resolution
  • Inductive sensing
  • Consistent performance
  • IP65 above panel
  • Long service life
  • Wide range of handles 

Typical Applications

   Wheelchairs, Factory Automation, ROV , Medical Imaging, Robotics

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