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Ultramec 6C

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Low profile switch

Distinctive features

The Ultramec 6C is an excellent low-profile pushbutton option for handheld devices or in applications that are limited in both space and height.

With significantly smaller dimensions than the previous range of Multimec switches, the new Ultramec 6C tactile switch features an 8x8mm footprint, maximum height of 2.5mm and standard J-bend terminals. Environmentally sealed up to IP67 and offering a long lifecycle of 3 million actuations, the Ultramec 6C offers the highest technical specifications all wrapped up in a small package.

The Ultramec 6C’s specifically designed floating cap option features a round, concave keycap for easy alignment of the PCB and front panel and comes in 5 color options, making it an excellent solution under overlay and custom caps.

Technical specifications:

  • low profile h=2.5mm
  • dimensions 8x8mm 
  • lifetime 3,000,000 cycles
  • IP67 sealing
  • Temp. range: -40/+85°C
  • Actuation force: 3.7N  +/- 0.7N
  • J-bend terminals 

Typical Applications

Test & Measurement
Food Processing
Remote Control Applications

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