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Keylock Switches

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19mm Panel Mount Keylock Switches

The LK is a 19mm panel mount range of key switches. Offering a level of security via its 4 tumbler key barrel, it is suited to a wide variety of commercial applications that require a level of security and restricted access

A01 Series APEM

A01 Series keylock switches

1,2,3 and 4 pole Keylocks available in 2or 3 positions, momentary or maintained. Two standard keys supplied are removable in 1,2or 3 positions. Panel cut-out is 16mm (.630),6 amp rating, front panel seal to IP65 with UL, VDE and other approvals.

A02 Series APEM

A02 Series keylock switches

1 and 2 pole Keylocks, round or square fit in a 22mm(.866) panel cut-out. 3 and 4 pole can be achieved by adding a second switch block. Maintained or momentary configurations available .Two standard keys supplied, Removable in 1,2or 3 positions.12-16 amp rating, panel seal to IP65,UL VDE and other approvals available.