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High performance miniature toggle switches - bushing dia. 11,9m

Distinctive features

CECC 96201-005 
CECC 96201-008
This range of professional toggle switches is suitable for use in military and other high specification environments.

Professional Toggle for Military Applications. CECC and MIL approved. This toggle switch has a double shell case construction and pinned lever for extra mechanical strength and robust seal (IP67). Available with solid rivet contact: gold plated silver/nickel alloy. Comprehensive range of sealing boots and security caps available.

• Contacts
Highly reliable contacts suitable for low level applications (10mA 50mV - 10μA 5VDC min.) or power applications (2A 250VAC - 4A 125VAC - 4A 30VDC max.)

• Pinned lever
The base of the switch lever is pinned to the bushing, thus earthing the lever to the bushing. This also provides strain relief to protect the switch if accidentally knocked.

• Double shell case
For high mechanical strength and high electrical insulation.

• Compact size

The small rear end of the switch allows space saving behind the panel.

• Finish
Matt black finish on body, bushing, lever and hardware.

• Sealing
Panel sealed to IP 67, these switches are frontal sealed by two O-rings and have full rear end sealing.

• Accessories
A comprehensive range of sealing boots (both full and half length), locking levers and security caps are available.

Typical Applications

This range of professional toggle switches is suitable for use in military (communications, Radars, Ground/equipment, Navy) and other high specification environments

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