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Fingertip Resistive Joysticks

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M Series APEM

Multi-axis potentiometer joysticks

APEM’s Resistive Joystick is a low profile potentiometric controller providing unwavering multi-axis finger positioning control. Available in two sizes, the Standard and Miniature Resistive Joysticks are ideal for applications requiring a compact and reliable, low operating force controller. Featuring several ergonomically designed handles and available in single, dual or triple axis configurations.

4000 Series APEM

Robust potentiometer joysticks

The 4000 Series is a range of robust, industrial quality potentiometer joysticks for internal and external applications. All 4000 Series share the same, all metal mechanism to provide the finest performance and service life over a wide range of temperatures and loads. All 4000 Series employ high quality plastic film potentiometers, yielding a service life of many millions of cycles.


Resistive USB desktop joysticks

The IP Desktop Launch features ten programmable pushbuttons and a three axis resistive joystick and is an economical option for security professionals. Easy to operate and install with a USB interface, the IP Desktop Launch is a joystick solution for any size security installation.