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Thermoplastic switch guards

The CSG series is a new range of thermoplastic switch guards. Lightweight and practical, this modern switchguard features a standard anti-tamper wire seal hole and are intended for use with the APEM 5000M and 600H toggle switches.


Switch Guards for harsh environments

The MSG series is a new range of switch guards combining modern design and robustness, specially dedicated to harsh environments. They are intended for use on our 12000, 3500, 600H and 6000 toggle switches.

Sealing boots APEM

Sealing boots for toggle, pushbutton or rocker switches

Sealing boots prevent dust, sand and water from getting into switches. On toggle versions, they also prevent ice from blocking lever action. They are compatible with frontal sealing options K and X408. Available in a wide range of colours. A sealing ring or washer is standard supplied with each boot.

U2197 APEM

Large switch sealing boot for series 600

Larger sealing boot,part number U2197, is intended for the X2243 long lever of the 600 series.

U2252 APEM

Medium switch sealing boots

These products are available in 2 sizes. The smaller version, part number U2252, can be mounted on the standard levers of 12000, 3500, 3600 and 600 toggle switches

Security caps APEM

Security caps for switches

Protection provided against inadvertent lever operation for 2 or 3 position switches. Designed for use on 11.9 (.468) or 12mm (.472) threaded bushing and lever length 17.5mm (.688) outside bushing. Available in most colors and black/yellow stripes.


Hardware for miniature and industrial switches

Mounting hardware for switches : knurled and hex nuts, locking rings, lockwashers, cap nuts, dress nuts, ground connectors and sealing washers. Standard hardware is supplied with the switches, other hardware is to order separately.

Knobs - ABS APEM

Knobs - ABS anti-static plastic

Custom molded ABS anti-static plastic, fit 1/4” or 1/8” diameter shafts. Functionally rugged, available with several indicator options. Customs available.

Knobs - Aluminum APEM

Knobs - Machined aluminum

Anodized natural or black gloss finish fit 1/8” or ¼" diameter shafts. Available in fluted, serrated diamond, diamond knurl or smooth finish with indicator lines, dots, or arrows. Customs available.

Knobs - Phenolic APEM

Knobs - Black phenolic

An extensive selection of gloss finish Knobs with numerous indicator styles. Ribbed without inlay, straight knurl with skirt and 0-10 numerals or straight knurl with pointer are among the many styles available. Specials can be supplied.