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Halo Indicators for 16, 19 & 22mm switches 2016-08-28


The QH series halo’s are used as a status indicator with APEM’s 16mm, 19mm and 22mm switches, from LED Indicators to industrial emergency stops. Used in either interior or exterior applications, the QH halo’s are easy to mount with zero depth from behind the panel, are held to the panel by the nut of the switch and an adhesive gasket for an IP67 rating. The QH halo uses optimal, high quality hyper bright LEDs and are available in a number of different frames & color options.

Distinctive features include:

• 12 illuminated LEDs
• Supply voltage 12VDC-24VDC @10ma – 20ma
• Front panel sealing from IP65 (standard) and up to IP67
• EMC and ESD tested
• 200mm 26AWG (UL1061) wires

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New Anodized bezel options for the Q14 Series 2016-07-12


The Q14 series 14mm LED indicators now include flush mounted anodized bezels in red, green, yellow and blue.

These new Q14 options further enhance the series broad offering of customization with a large selection of LED colors, bezel finishes and types of illumination.

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Q22 Series with anodized colored bezels 2016-05-12


APEM introduces the latest addition to the Q Series range of superior LED Indicators. The 22mm Q series indicators now include red, green, yellow and blue flush mounted anodized bezels to the existing range of super bright diffused LEDs. 

Distinctive features:

- Anodized flush bezel
- Low profile and lightweight
- Super bright LEDs including standard blue, white, bi-color and tri-color options
- Customized engraving available or select from a wide range of existing symbols
- All voltage ranges
- Fixed light or flashing light (only up to 28VDC)
- Front panel sealed to IP67
- All types of connection including 200mm, 22AWG (UL1007) wires 

Download PDF

MT series now available with new soft touch actuators 2016-05-12


 APEM’s environmentally sealed MT series toggle switch, designed for a broad range of markets, is now available with two new actuator styles. The new winged and paddle styled actuators are available in standard black 6/6 nylon as well as our new thermoplastic elastomer soft touch coating, giving the MT series as sleek look and feel to the already robust device.

Distinctive features:

- Environmentally sealed selector switch (IP68)
- Multiple functions available
- Various contact materials that allow usage from dry circuit applications up to 4A

Two new emergency stops - A02ES-H and A02ES-I series 2016-04-26


The new A02ES-H and A02ES-I are APEM’s latest additions to an expanding line of industrial emergency stop switches. Both emergency stop switches are certified to the highest safety standards: UL508, CSA 22.2 and EN60947-5-5.  The A02ES-H features an automatic disconnect from the power supply in cases of operator damage or switch block separation.  This exclusive built-in safety feature reduces the risk of accident if the switch is damaged, destroyed or assembled incorrectly. 

The A02ES-H & A02ES-I e-stops are designed for applications where safety levels are particularly high and significantly regulated, including material handling equipment, offroad -vehicles and industrial automation.

Key Features:

  • Bushing dia. 22 mm
  • Optional illumination
  • Push to shut-off, pull or twist to release
  • A02ES-H Current/voltage rating: AC-12, 3A 240VAC / DC-12, 2A 30VDC
  • A02ES-I Current/voltage rating: AC-12, 6A 240VAC / DC-12, 8A 24VAC
  • IP65 front panel sealing
  • Mechanical life: 250,000 cycles

A02ES-H PDF Catalog
A02ES-I  PDF Catalog