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Two new emergency stops - A02ES-H and A02ES-I series 2016-04-26


The new A02ES-H and A02ES-I are APEM’s latest additions to an expanding line of industrial emergency stop switches. Both emergency stop switches are certified to the highest safety standards: UL508, CSA 22.2 and EN60947-5-5.  The A02ES-H features an automatic disconnect from the power supply in cases of operator damage or switch block separation.  This exclusive built-in safety feature reduces the risk of accident if the switch is damaged, destroyed or assembled incorrectly. 

The A02ES-H & A02ES-I e-stops are designed for applications where safety levels are particularly high and significantly regulated, including material handling equipment, offroad -vehicles and industrial automation.

Key Features:

  • Bushing dia. 22 mm
  • Optional illumination
  • Push to shut-off, pull or twist to release
  • A02ES-H Current/voltage rating: AC-12, 3A 240VAC / DC-12, 2A 30VDC
  • A02ES-I Current/voltage rating: AC-12, 6A 240VAC / DC-12, 8A 24VAC
  • IP65 front panel sealing
  • Mechanical life: 250,000 cycles

A02ES-H PDF Catalog
A02ES-I  PDF Catalog


New Operator Presence Switch option for HG & FG series 2016-03-10


APEM, Inc.  Introduces new "Operator Presence Switch" option for Multifunction Oval Handles

New "operator presence switch" option is available on the HG and FG series

The Multifunction Oval features a customizable faceplate that can be configured per the customer’s specifications and is available on both the HG and FG series. 

The new "operator presence switch" option is a normally open momentary pushbutton switch designed to increase operator safety.  It’s intended to act as an enabling switch that only allows for machine operation to occur when the paddle is depressed by the user.  

The HG Series joystick is a rugged Hall effect controller designed for use in the high operating force, hand-operated applications requiring reliable positioning control.   Typical applications include military vehicles, refuse handling trucks, as well as fire and off-highway vehicles. 

The Fixed Grip™ FG Series controllers provide rugged, yet ergonomic operation for demanding applications. Custom configured to order, the FG Series may be equipped with a miniature two axis thumb operated joystick, index trigger guard, and USB interface.

Read more at:  HG Series Data Sheet PDF  and FG Series Data Sheet PDF

New handheld, game style pendant controller - PC series 2016-02-11


New Handheld Device Provides an Immersive and Intuitive method of control.  The PC Series was developed to provide a control method that is intuitive and easy to adapt to.  Modeled from consumer video game controllers, the familiar design reduces the operator “learning cycle” and quickly increases efficiency and productivity.

APEM's new PC Series is an innovative and ergonomic game style pendant controller. This new handheld device easily accommodates APEM’s TS Series miniature proportional joystick and provides either analog voltage or USB output. The PC Series is ideal for controlling unmanned vehicles, robotics and other remote controlled applications.

Distinctive features: 

  • Lightweight, one hand operation
  • Excellent proportional control
  • Optional sealing up to IP67
  • Configured to order (contact factory)
  • Readily available in TS series thumbstick and IM series pushbutton configuration

Proportional thumbwheels with friction hold - HR series 2015-12-21


APEM expands its range of proportional thumbwheels with a new, friction hold version. This new patented technology allows for ultra-precise movement while allowing the user to hold the selection in a set position. The HR series uses proven non-contacting Hall Effect sensor technology, independent from the friction mechanism, providing a smooth and precise linear voltage output that does not degrade over time. The HR series with friction hold is ideal in applications that include panel mount and joystick integration as well as agricultural machinery, material handling equipment and off-road vehicles.

The HR series thumbwheels with friction hold come in two versions: one with 11 detents along the travel (1 at center and 5 on each side) and another with a center detent, smooth movement on each side and providing a feel of friction hold without detents.

Distinctive features:  
- IP68 sealing
- EMI/RFI shielding
- Backlighting option
- Wide range of colors
- Mechanical life : 100,000 cycles

PDF catalog 

Q16 Series Secret Until Lit Indicators 2015-11-16


This range offers the customer diversity and individuality to fully customize their design by using screen printed symbols or text. Highly visible graphics using bright LED's, give a homogenous illumination ideal for automotive, construction, marine and materials handling applications.

Distinctive features:  
- Secret until lit symbol or text
- Customized graphics or select from a widely used range of automotive    (ISO symbols)  
- Scratch resistant polycarbonate decal
- Hyper bright LED's include standard blue, white, bi-color and tri-color
- All voltage ranges
- Fixed light or flashing light (only up to 28VDC)
- Matte black bezel with recess to protect decal
- Front panel sealing up to IP67
- Rear end sealed with epoxy resin and 200mm 22AWG wires

PDF Catalog