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Unattended Payment, Access Control & Intrusion Detection

APEM-tough metal keyboard, capacitive keypads, pin pads and intrusion detection circuits for access control and unattended payment systems.

Over 30 years ago, APEM designed and built the first metal keypads for use in banking ATMs, and we continue to lead the way in providing payment and pin pads for challenging public environments. APEM’s capacitive and metal keyboards and pin pads for banking ATMs, unattended payment systems (pay-at-pump, ticketing, parking and vending), and access control (banks, other building access and elevators) are built to be vandal proof. Our products can be sealed to application-required IP levels against the elements and temperature and humidity extremes. Our robust construction and finishes defy heavy use, indoor or outdoor. For applications requiring state of the art intrusion detection, APEM’s IDS is designed to deactivate the switch when tampering is detected.

Our engineers know your environment’s requirements and can help you design in:
  • Vandal proofing
  • Durable legends: Tough, long lasting coatings that do not chip or peel with graphics that will remain clear and legible throughout the life of the product
  • Robustness in outdoor conditions. Vandal protection up to IK10.
  • Illumination and panel lighting
  • Consumer friendly design. APEM offers the broadest range of configurable options, including a wide array of colors, key pad size and shape and LED color choices.
In addition, every component in Metal Keypads, Capacitive Keypad, Pin pads and Intrusion Detection solutions carries the APEM QA stamp of approval; our customer service is world-wide, and our longevity assured.

APEM recommends the following products for access control and unattended payment systems and ATMs and invites you to learn more about them on our product pages: Metal Keyboard, Capacitive Keypads, Pin pads, IDS and Combined Technologies