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Transportation & Material Handling

Membrane switch panel, rubber keypad, embedded touch screen or rugged military and metal keyboard products, APEM builds them tough enough for Transportation and Material Handling applications

Transportation and Material Handling are tough environments. Whether the application is marine transportation or off road vehicles, fork or scissor lifts or rough terrain cranes, APEM membrane switch panels with/without tactile feedback, embedded touch screens, rubber keypads, rugged military keypads and metal keyboards are ruggedized for the job. APEM’s over 50 years designing and manufacturing to the requirements of harsh environments ensures unsurpassed on the job durability and reliability.

Key product features designed with the needs of Transportation and Material Handling applications include:
  • Tactile feedback mechanisms and large keys designed for gloved operations
  • Ergonomic designs for repetitive jogging and other operator stressors
  • Illumination and panel lighting options for low-light conditions
  • LED indicators to provide visual confirmations
  • Serious robustness and durability. With defect rates as low as 5PPM, APEM products are built tough to minimize equipment failures
  • Rugged housings and sealings to protect against harsh environmental conditions, including those found in mining, heavy construction and marine environments
  • Electronic interfaces including LIN or CAN buses to reduce wiring costs
  • Tough, long lasting coatings that do not chip or peel with graphics that will remain clear and legible throughout the life of the product
In addition, every membrane switch panel, integrated touch screen, rugged and metal keypad carries the APEM QA stamp of approval; our customer service is world-wide, and our longevity assured.
APEM recommends the following products for use in tough Transportation and Material Handling applications and invites you to learn more about them on our product pages: Membrane Switch Panel with/without tactile feedback, Embedded Touch Screen, Rugged Military Keyboard and Metal Keyboard