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Industrial solutions

Need a washable membrane switch panel, an embedded touch screen or a metal keyboard designed for harsh industrial environments? Think APEM!

Some manufacturing sectors are tougher than others. The Food & Beverage, Chemical, Petroleum and Rubber & Plastics manufacturing sectors are harsh environments for HMIs. APEM membrane switch panels, rugged embedded touch screens, and metal keypads can all be sealed to IP69K against dust, dirt, water, temperature extremes and harsh chemicals and bleach. APEM-manufactured membrane switch panels and our process for embedding touch screens ensure that they withstand pressure washings and frequent disinfection. APEM also offers turnkey solutions through our combined technologies.

APEM knows harsh environments and has been manufacturing highly reliable, long-lived components for these industries throughout our 50 years in business. Our engineers know your environment’s requirements and can help you design in:
  • sealings to ensure fast, easy disinfecting and day-in, day-out exposure to harsh chemicals or corrosive agents
  • waterproofing to withstand frequent pressure washes and wipe downs
  • serious robustness (APEM supplies products with some of the lowest defect rates in the industry -as low as 5PPM)
  • tough, long lasting coatings that do not chip or peel with graphics that will remain clear and legible throughout the life of the product
In addition, every component in our membrane switch panels, metal keypads, integrated touch screen and turnkey solutions carries the APEM QA stamp of approval; our customer service is world-wide, and our longevity assured.

APEM recommends the following products for harsh Industrial Controls and Process Automation uses and invites you to learn more about them on our product pages: Membrane Switch Panel, Embedded Touch Screen, Metal keyboard and Custom Keypad & Combined Technology