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Membrane switch panel, embedded touch screen, rugged military keyboard, or metal keyboards, harsh military environments need products designed for hard duty.

APEM has been supplying no-fail ruggedized components to the military for over 50 years. Our production facilities and MIL QA procedures were designed to build and test for operational worthiness in Army, Navy and Nuclear application deployments.

APEM’s membrane switch panels, embedded touch screens, rugged military keyboards and metal keyboards are extremely robust, built to last under fire and designed to withstand shock, vibration, g forces, temperature and altitude extremes, mud, dirt, salt, and humidity. Durable APEM military components enjoy extremely high MTBFs. Basic product features and options designed for military applications include:

  • Rugged housing in plastic or aluminum ensures the entire product is built to last in extreme environments, including extreme temperatures and pressure and altitude deviations
  • Sourcing, manufacturing & QA to MIL-STD-810
  • Shielding and shielded windows for extremely accurate transmission with no image distortion and excellent transparency and optical properties
  • Illumination designed for NVIS or low-light combat and control conditions. LED indicators for confirmation and alerts
  • Accessories such as security caps for critical functions

In addition, every component in our membrane switch panels, rubber keypads and embedded touch screens is fully traceable; our customer service is world-wide, and our longevity assured.
APEM recommends the following products for the Military market and invites you to learn more about them on our product pages: Membrane Switch Panel, ruggedized Embedded Touch Screen interfaces, rugged Military Keyboard, Metal Keyboard