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Medical & HealthCare

Waterproof Membrane Switch Panels, Integrated Touch Screen Interfaces and Rubber Keypads designed for Medical & Healthcare Environments

APEM has been supplying no-fail products to the medical industry throughout our 50 year history. We know membrane switch panels, rubber keypads and integrated touch screen interfaces destined for use in laboratories, hospitals, clinics and physicians’ and paramedical equipment necessitate an overall design and manufacturing approach that emphasizes sealability, robustness and durability. Our engineers know your environment’s requirements and can help you design in:
  • sealings that ensure fast, easy disinfecting even with some of the harshest chemicals and bleaches
  • waterproofing to withstand frequent pressure washes
  • product configurations that facilitate frequent on-site wipe or spray downs
  • antimicrobial coatings to reduce contamination possibilities
  • serious robustness (APEM supplies products with some of the lowest defect rates in the industry -as low as 5PPM)
  • tough, long lasting coatings that do not chip or peel with graphics that will remain clear and legible throughout the life of the product
  • backlighting for use in low light environments

In addition, every component in our membrane switch panels, rubber keypads and integrated touch screen interfaces is fully traceable; our customer service is world-wide, and our longevity assured.

APEM recommends the following products for Medical & Healthcare uses and invites you to learn more about them on our product pages: Membrane Switch Panels, Integrated touch screen interfaces, Rubber keypads