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Embedded Touch Screens

An APEM embedded touch screen is engineered to hold up beautifully in any environment

APEM knows that touch screens destined for demanding environments need to be built and assembled to higher standards. Our embedded touch screens are APEM-quality guaranteed to deliver lasting superior performance - even in the most challenging applications in medical, military, harsh industrial, transportation and material handling environments.

Dedicated equipment plus APEM’s lamination and bonding process ensure our embedded touch screens maintain great transparency. The polyester membrane and the touch screen are assembled with a special adhesive that preserves the ability to transmit light. Our assembly process means no visual artifacts: no bubbles, no condensation (oil effect), no trapped dust particles – not on delivery, and not after extended use. An APEM embedded touch screen can stand up to environments with ambient temperature and humidity variations, vibrations and shocks, frequent aggressive cleaning or continuous exposure to salt or harsh chemicals.

APEM’s broad product line and vertical integration mean we can handle everything from the technical drawings to the finished product: We offer design and engineering, graphic overlay, prototyping, and fulfillment service and support for turnkey solutions in which the housing, keypad, illumination, cable, joysticks and switches are all seamlessly integrated and quality assured by APEM.

APEM embedded touch screens are available

  • in standard sizes, including 3.8, 6.5 and 10.44 inches
  • with USB, USB RS232 or USB PS2 interfaces