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Rugged military keyboard

APEM’s rugged custom military keyboards:

Durable reliability in the toughest environments

Military and harsh industrial applications dish out the kind of abuse an APEM rugged military keyboard loves. Our ultra reliable, ruggedized keypads thrive in challenging environments.

MIL STD 810, 1472 and 461 are our stock-in-trade: APEM has over 50 years of experience supplying no-fail products to the military and for military-grade industrial applications. If an application requires, we provide 100% visual inspection and 100% functional testing – for 0% defects. And an APEM military keyboard is always 100% traceable. The APEM product industrialization process, surveyed and qualified year after year, covers every detail of our rugged keypad manufacturing process. An extensively equipped testing facility and APEM experience ensure no-fail products. Every APEM military keyboard comes from a rock solid, world-wide organization bent on maintaining satisfied customers for the long haul.

Custom engineered and designed APEM ruggedized military keyboards are available:

  • fully sealed to MIL STD 810 for wash down applications and protection against exposure to salt fog, water, dust, blowing sand and harsh chemicals
  • built to withstand extreme temperature and humidity variations, thermal shock , acceleration, altitude, decompression, impacts and vibrations
  • ESD/EMI/RFI shielded to MIL STD 461 against electrostatic, magnetic or radio frequency interference, and with: 

  • Backlighting
  • Embedded LEDs or other components
  • Cables
  • Switches , X778 series toggle or pushbutton
  • Accessories, including security caps
  • Housing options
  • Electronic interfaces
  • Touch screens