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Rubber keypads

APEM rubber keypads: great tactile feedback in a super wide array of key shapes and effects

Superior tactile feedback and cosmetic appeal are the hallmarks of APEM’s rubber keypad selection. For design and functionality flexibility, we offer our silicon rubber keypads in wide arrays of shapes, including 3D and complex key shapes. Embossed or debossed and with a wide range of actuation forces and travel, APEM elastomers provide attractive, reliable, repeatable switch functions. In environments where moisture is an issue and excellent environmental sealing is required, including military applications, APEM rubber keypads fit the bill.

Rubber Keypad options available include:

  • Coatings to protect graphics, including silicone, polyurethane, epoxy. Multiple coatings can be combined on a single rubber keypad
  • Single or dual durometer (shore) to customize anticipated life span of the keyboard to the application
  • Contacts using either gold or carbon pils
  • Graphics options in multiple colors by rubber base mixing, screen printing or, for backlit keypads, painting with laser etching
  • Backlighting
  • Assembly on either membrane or PCB circuit