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QH Series RGB Options 2016-12-15


The QH is easily mounted and can be matched to switches with a 16mm, 19mm or 22mm cut out.
The QH is designed as a front panel product and so requires zero depth behind the panel and combined with a choice of bezel and lens colours, all customer requirements have been catered for.
While the QH utilizes the switch to mount it to the panel, the addition of a rear 3M adhesive gasket ensures a totally secure fit.

Distinctive features
• 12 illuminated LEDs
• Red, green and yellow single color illumination
• Red/green dual color illumination
• NEW RGB Options*
• Frosted white and tinted lens
• Black and yellow bezels
• Supply voltage 12VDC – 24VDC @10mA – 20mA
• Front panel sealed up to IP67
• EMC and ESD tested
• 200mm 26AWG (UL1061) wires
• 3M rear adhesive gasket

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* Microcontroller required (not supplied)

New low-profile Ultramec 6 2016-12-14


APEM introduces the first in its newest series by MEC Switches:  the low-profile Ultramec 6C..   The Ultramec 6C is an excellent low-profile pushbutton option for handheld devices or in applications that are limited in both space and height.

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Q22 New Options Now Available 2016-12-13


Our latest range extensions are aesthetically pleasing, robust and functional. The range has been designed to specifically engage with design engineers and architects working on new projects in harsh environments and external applications. Whether it’s a custom solution or off the shelf standard, APEM has the capabilities to meet the needs of any project.

Distinctive features

- Chamfered bezels
- Anodized finish
- Stainless steel 316L finish
- Secret until lit polycarbonate inserts
- Customized engraving available or select from a wide range of existing symbols
- Many voltage options
- Fixed light or flashing light (only up to 28VDC)
- Front panel sealed to IP67
- Many types of connection including 200mm, 22AWG (UL1007) wires

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Compact 5-way switch based miniature joysticks - NV series 2016-11-22


The NV series is a brand new 4 or 5-direction switch-based joystick (4 directions + pushbutton).  Ergonomic, customizable and very robust, the NV series provides a positive, tactile feedback in all directions for precise and secure fingertip control.

Enhanced tactile feedback
Unlike most navigation controls on the market today, the NV series provides enhanced tactile feedback in 4 directions plus a center pushbutton. The NV series offers superior haptics and extremely precise control in a compact 16mm diameter size. 

Ergonomics and customization
APEM offers several versions of the NV series 
- Two actuator shapes: conical and castle
- Numerous actuator colors

Robust navigator
With its chrome plated metal case and IP69K sealing, the durable NV series is designed to withstand all types of adverse conditions including water, frost, dust, sand, and hydrocarbons, while maintaining its tactile effect even during excessive shock or vibrations.

Intended as an alternative to the computer mouse’s navigation functions, the NV series is ideal in remote control steering applications which require a compact product.

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Single axis paddle controllers – BH series 2016-10-10


APEM launches a new  stylish, soft touch single axis paddle solution.

This all new joystick series delivers non-contact Hall-effect technology in a compact package size.  Developed for use in mild to extreme environments, but still providing smooth and easy to operate responsive movement, the BH series paddle is an ideal solution in agricultural and material handling environments.

The BH series handle is available in five trim color options and soft touch, rubber over mold. This choice of material provides increased benefit to the operator without compromising operation. The BH series measures at 2.36" (60 mm) high, allowing for precise fingertip operation, offers 3 output configurations and is sealed up to IP67.  

Distinctive features
• Hall effect joystick and switch function
• Sculpted ergonomic rubber grip
• 5V operation - standard dual redundant outputs
• Analog or PWM outputs
• Custom lever colors & designs available
• IP67 sealed
• EMC shielded
• 60mm above panel height

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